UtherAcademy is a uniquely affordable, convenient way to pick up a new trade or learn something new.

Popular UtherAcademy classes include Software training, Work-at-home businesses, Virtual Decorating and Avatar texture design

UtherAcademy® is a new generation of online education. Merging the accessibility of online education with the benefits of working in a classroom environment made possible through the 3D web.

Classes, seminars and meetings are held in a multi-user 3D online environment, using voice and text communication combined with audio and/or video teaching tools. The Academy is hosted by Utherverse® through a Virtual World Web of interconnected 3D communities.

Our software allows Students and Educators to create personalized avatars to engage in real time discussions, seminars and presentations. Delivering a unique user experience that is vastly more exciting than the flat World Wide Web that is commonly used by businesses and education institutes today.

With this groundbreaking technology, UtherAcademy is revolutionizing the way people relate to each other and the way they choose to undertake their online experiences. Our platform delivers entirely new ways to socially interact and experience online entertainment, as well as vastly improved methods for businesses to access new clients and potential revenue from anywhere in the world at any given time.