The Academy is hosted by Utherverse through its bold and pioneering platform of the Virtual World Web.

Rooms are immersive 3D virtual environments designed to feel like a real classroom setting.

The role of an Educator within UtherAcademy is pivotal to the overall success of the organization and its objectives.

All Educators are responsible for transferring their expertise in these areas on to members of the Utherverse® community through scheduled classes, seminars and 1 to 1 tutorials, and for reviewing and assessing the competencies of their students to evaluate that they are able to then put their learned skills into practice.

1. To prepare and deliver a suitable curriculum and class schedule for the subject area, including student assessments for evaluating that these objectives are met.

2. To facilitate and lead group classes in the specialist subject area, using multiple teaching tools including VoIP, video playback and text based discussion to support the transfer of their knowledge to others.

3. To provide guidance notes on additional self-directed learning for students outside of scheduled classroom instruction or tutorials.

4. To provide 1 to 1 tutorials in the specialist subject area, using the teaching aids specified. (This is not mandatory for all Educators, and can be used as a prefered teaching method)

5. To respond to student enquiries via the Utherverse social center as they arise.

6. To maintain their expertise in the specialist subject area and update the content of their curriculum accordingly.

7. To engage with promotional and preview events for new students.

8. To attend Educator and faculty meetings with the Academy Manager and Utherverse representatives as requested, and to ensure that notes from any missed meetings are reviewed and acted upon accordingly.

9. To keep themselves up to date with Academy and faculty activities, news and developments through the dedicated Faculty website.

10. To be a representative of Utherverse Digital Inc while using a designated Instructor account you must maintain a high standard of professionalism both in designated and personal accounts.