Popular UtherAcademy courses include classes in Creative Writing, Business Marketing and Advertising, Health and Wellness, Work-at-home businesses, and In World application courses.

UtherAcademy® uses virtual community technology that allows you to use the web like never before. As the internet has become a part of our daily lives, it also has become a pivotal tool in communication. Our goal is to merge the gap between remote communities and make online education interactive, exciting and accessible to anyone anywhere.

This technology will allow students at UtherAcademy to boast several advantages by 3D distance learning.

- Develop a presence throughout the web in 3D interaction

- Create links with partners, Educators, and other students and businesses around the world

- Take advantage of a variety of courses and seminars in a simple and interactive fashion

- Learn from various Educators within variable disciplines in real time from anywhere in the world