Students and Educators from anywhere in the world can interact using their own personal avatar

UtherAcademy® is rapidly becoming a popular tool used by businesses that typically have ongoing training seminars for large groups, regularly facilitate meetings nationally, and companies looking to take their business to the next level in advanced software technology. UtherAcademy, has proven effective in time management, while reducing overhead costs and supports eco-friendly initiatives by lowering carbon footprint.

UtherAcademy offers a wide selection of pre-fabricated meeting spaces, or we can animate a virtual space specific to your corporate branding. Each space is supported by VoIP, desktop sharing, text, video and flash tools, and is designed to create an ideal environment for staff and clients to comfortably interact from the convenience of their home or office. Access to your virtual office space can be limited to an individual group of named attendees or we can create an open environment to help promote your business to a wider audience.

Contact us at academy@utherverse.com to see how we can take elements from our software to synthesize a sophisticated solution to meet your company’s needs.